First, I’m a mom. I. Totally.¬†Get it.

Pregnancy is a time of anticipation, excitement, and change. You fall in love with your growing bump. I did too.

Then, your amazing little bundle arrives and you couldn’t be more overjoyed. I remember that moment.10505346_10102715929357673_2146790628281511757_n

However, sometime in the first few days or weeks after birth you look in the mirror and you realize your post-baby body isn’t what you expected. You wait, anticipating that postpartum appointment knowing that things will change by then. And, they do, but ever so slightly. Your midwife (or OB) clears you for exercise. But, that’s it, you’re on your own from here. Now what?

I remember this moment too. You wonder, how do I get back to my pre-baby fitness level?! Not to mention…with a newborn at home!

This is exactly why I developed the online Postnatal Fitness Recovery Programs. I didn’t know where to turn for information on recovering my body. I knew it was different. I knew I was different.

I called upon my 8+ years experience as a yoga teacher, certified personal trainer, and coach to develop a comprehensive postnatal fitness recovery program. The best part? I used this exact program myself to bounce forward and become stronger than I ever was before.

I would love the opportunity to empower and support you through the postnatal period as you navigate the tough waters of bouncing forward after baby!

If this sounds great to you too, please go on and read about the online programs and support.

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In love and health,